Exclusive Interview: Inside Conscientia Health with Dr. Sim Adighije and T.V. Host Mario Lopez

Dr. Sim Adighije and T.V. Host Mario Lopez

Join host Mario Lopez on Access Hollywood/On Air as he engages in a thought-provoking interview with Dr. Sim Adighije, a renowned mental health expert and Co-Founder of Conscientia Health. Dr. Sim delves into the urgent mental health crisis affecting not just the United States, but the world at large. Discover Conscientia’s groundbreaking approach, aiming to make mental health care easily accessible, affordable, and timely for everyone. This eye-opening conversation is a must-watch for individuals from all walks of life, particularly those seeking mental healthcare but unsure where to start. Dr. Sim also discusses Spotlight, a subsidiary of Conscientia Health specializing in providing mental health care to individuals in the public eye or living in the Spotlight. Don’t miss out on gaining valuable insights, compassionate guidance, and taking that crucial first step towards achieving mental well-being. Visit www.conscientiahealth.com for more information and to book an appointment with a mental health professional. Remember, your mental health is as important as your physical health.